Antique Electronics for Sale in Oak View, CA

This is a RCA model 46X24 from 1939. This is currently working, but has not been restored. This is from my private collection, but not yet serviced.....Yes, I used to fix antique radios. Someone may have changed the power supply caps as there is NO hum.The unit is in good condition with no gouges or peeling venier. This does pick up local stations without an external antenna. Please see the pic...
AD#18 A stroll down 1930's to 1950's Memory Lane. Several vintage treasures available. Great gifts for an antiques hobbyist. All of these pieces make great restoration projects! Please refer to AD#18. $25.00 minimum order. Can ship if Buyer pays all shipping costs. All pieces sold As-Is. 1. Two-For-One! 2 Units being sold together for .
DX-160. With speaker, manual and spoolup SW antenna.
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